Different levels of monitoring are available based on their transmission path ie. telephone line – Sim card – GPRS – IP.


Along with intruder alarm and panic alarm activation signals, we can monitor signals from fire alarms, medical alerts and open/close reporting which is often used in shops or pubs to inform keyholders if the system has not been turning on at a specific time. Installing a monitored system may reduce the cost of your insurance premium. Check with your insurance provider for further information.


Why the need for Access Control?

Access Control is used to limit the movements of unauthorised persons to sensitive or restricted areas of a premises. The most basic form of access control is a lock and key. However it is not always convenient to physically unlock a door each time you need access plus the fact that keys can easily be copied and given to people who should not have access.


More and more companies have introduced our PC Driven access control system which increases to level of security in the building as well as giving managers useful information with its range of logs and event memory.

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